Fantastic just fantastic!

Some nights i just take my super bass headphones and enjoy all the godzilla trailers while waiting for the release of the DVD/BRD…

We work in the dark to serve the light.


Death of Big Al by tuomaskoivurinne


Traci Lords in John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)




Choose which one you would want! The DOTA one looks badass.


Choose which one you would want! The DOTA one looks badass.

What i expect for assassins creed Unity and the new generation
I bought watch dogs for ps4 just because i thought i will be funnier with a controller instead of keyboard, it was.
A really immersive world where the npc’s do anything and interact with the world in a way never seen before, then i started thinking in Unity
That there will be pop up missions like catch the thief or the similar in watch dogs, you can do them or let them pass
That maybe there will be places around the map where there are missions specifically for coop where you join a game or create one inviting your friends just like in saints row 4 instead of change between single player and multiplayer menus
This game will be huge, nothing will stop you.
jumping wherever you want from a roof ( bye haystack ) with the brand new system of movements
So i expect something like watch dogs but bigger and like no other Assassins Creed game before thanks to this new generation i mean did you see the fucking water in the WD rivers holy,.,.,.,

Anyways add me on fucking Uplay

I enjoy your Assassins Creed symbol tattoo very much! It look very fitting on you! :D

Thank you
I thought it was the best place to do it like the armband you know
Looks pretty cool

Phantom blade now available in the Ubi shop.

C’est magnifique.

Send this to your girlfriend/boyfriend and melt his/her gamer heart.
I used to be a romantic like you…but then i took an arrow to my heart.

The collection




Zombie Walk Prague 2014 by Josef Rarach… so fucking epic and awesome!!!

holy shit


Different Allosaurus Species by FredtheDinosaurman